Invest with fixed income ETFs

What is a fixed income ETF?

A fixed income ETF holds a collection of individual bonds and it trades on an exchange, making investing in bonds easy and transparent.1 Today, investors of all types — from sophisticated institutions, financial advisors, to individual investors — are investing with fixed income ETFs. RBC iShares fixed income ETFs can help diversify your equity exposure, earn higher income or put your cash to work.

Fixed Income ETFs

Why RBC iShares ETFs?

Comprehensive coverage With 40+ fixed income ETFs, we offer a comprehensive range of products in Canada – from core holdings to targeted exposures.

Low cost Access a diversified basket of Canadian or global bonds in a low-cost portfolio.

Efficient access and liquidity Fixed income ETFs can help overcome some of the challenges of trading individual bonds and enable investors to access a range of broad or targeted exposures.

What can fixed income ETFs do for you?

Provide equity diversification

Seek to provide protection when stocks sell off, adding stability to your equity allocation. Look for fixed income ETFs with higher quality and longer duration.

Example solutions:

Help earn higher income

Seek a higher level of income, especially in a low-rate environment. Look for fixed income ETFs with corporate bond, high yield bond and/or emerging markets bond exposure.

Example solutions:

Put your cash to work

Try to earn a little more from cash while maintaining return stability. Look for fixed income ETFs with short duration and investment grade credit.

Example solutions:

RBC iShares ETF Guided Bond Portfolios (Advisor only)

Tailored portfolio solutions designed to save time and improve transparency in fixed income solutions for clients.

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1 ETFs generally disclose holdings on a daily basis