Sustainable solutions for every portfolio

Sustainable investing is about investing in progress and recognizing that companies solving the world’s biggest challenges may be best positioned to grow.

It is about pioneering better ways of doing business, and creating the momentum to encourage more and more people to opt in to the future we're working to create. Through the combination of traditional investment approaches with environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights, investors ranging from global institutions to individuals are taking a sustainable approach to pursuing their investment goals.

The value of ESG investing

ESG insights reveal risks and opportunities not captured in traditional financial analysis. They provide investors with additional information, allowing them to develop a clearer understanding of a company’s profile and long-term risk and return prospects, and build greater resilience into their portfolios.

Examples of ESG considerations

  • Climate change
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Resource depletion
  • Waste & pollution
  • Working conditions
  • Impact on local communities
  • Health & safety
  • Employee relations & diversity
  • Executive pay
  • Bribery & corruption
  • Political lobbying & donations
  • Board diversity & structure

The growth of sustainable investing

Sustainable investing is growing across a wide range of investors. The demand is being driven by a number of trends.

RBC iShares provides sustainable solutions to a range of investor objectives.
Consider our ESG products for:


Explore our RBC iShares ESG ETFs

For investors who seek diversified one-ticket ESG solutions

iShares ESG ETF Portfolios

Simple, one ticket solutions to help investors align their whole portfolio with sustainability goals. The suite provides diversified portfolios across a range of risk profiles, from conservative to all-equity. These ESG asset allocation ETFs leverage BlackRock’s extensive experience and expertise in managing portfolio solutions, and are built using iShares ETFs, including ESG-oriented ETFs which integrate advanced sustainability insights, while avoiding investments that pose elevated ESG risks, such as fossil fuels.

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For investors who seek to integrate a broad range of ESG considerations

iShares ESG Aware ETFs

Focus on providing exposure to companies with high ESG ratings while maintaining market-like risk and return characteristics. They are designed for investors seeking ESG integration, without deviating too far from the broad market benchmark.

iShares ESG Advanced ETFs

Seek to provide exposure to companies with high ESG ratings while extensively screening out controversial industries that may pose elevated headline and ESG risks. They are designed for investors with a very high conviction view on ESG risks and opportunities, and/or a strong focus on climate-related risks.

For thematic investing and values-oriented investors

RBC Vision Women’s Leadership MSCI Canada Index ETF is based on the broad Canadian market with a thematic focus on companies that exhibit a commitment toward women’s leadership.